Transportation of Hazardous Goods

 It is well known, that any substance that can harm human health and the environment is considered as a hazardous good: fuel items, drilled cuttings, produced water, oily water    etc. Our team which is responsible for transportation of hazardous goods is well-trained and highly experienced staff. For trusted and safe carrying of hazardous goods we own and manage the necessary fleet equipped with ADR-type vehicles, as well as licenses and certifications verified in accordance with the procedures of The Ministry of Emergency Situations of The Republic of Azerbaijan. It should be noted that we pay proper attention to the issues related with utilization of hazardous substances. We do our best for safely transportation of hazardous goods to recycling stations specified by the relevant authorities of The Republic of Azerbaijan. 

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Transportation of Non-Hazardous Goods

Our Company has confidence and practical experience In transportation of non-hazardous goods, as: industrial equipment, construction materials and domestic wastes etc. As for the all types of transportation, in non- hazardous transportation we are targeted to make every effort to meet all the criterias prescribed by our customers.

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Container Transportation

It is important to note, that container transportation is the most energy efficient and cost-effective mode of transportation. This type of transportation is significantly reducing the involvement of extra warehouses and human resources. Our equipment includes 1х40', 2х20', 1х30' standard and open top  All existing logistics services, both within the country and internationally, based on TIR license, we carry out by our available fleet and human resources. Our multi-functional container chassis made by Krone and Schmidt meet all requirements of modern container transport featuring by rigid chassis design, simple handling and long-term maintenance and we use them for our container shipment. Thus, we offer the wide range of shipment from inbound to final destination.

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Strategically located at direct and convenient access from Baku-Salyan highway towards South border,our spacious warehouses with 1000-2500 square meters are equipped with all types of needful commodities such as:

  • Modern, built according to International Standards Warehouse and offices; 
  • Fire Detection System;
  • Fiber optic internet;
  • 24/7 onsite perimeter security;
  • Backup water reservoir and electricity sources.
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Truck and Trailer Rental

“ Damla Trans Service” company offers rental services of  wide range of vehicles such as tankers, vacuum trucks, container chassis and other equipment, as well as trailers and semi-trailers.

You can be confident that you’ll benefit of high quality and trouble-free  usage for many years because we offer our own fleet which is properly maintained.

Our truck fleet includes Mercedes, Volvo, MAN and DAF brands along with a wide selection of vacuum trucks, skip trucks, hook trucks, road tankers, flatbed trailers, container chassis, mobile refueller and light lorry.  

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“ Damla Trans Service” offers the following maintenance services: technical inspection and repair of engine, electronic and measure devices, hydraulics and pneumatics as well as restoration of crashed vehicles.

It should be noted that our company is the exclusive agent of “Hendricks Reparatur & Service GmbH & Co.” which is one of the well-known and experienced German companies, specialized in a repair of fuel tank trucks. 

Having trained by German experts our technicians are able to manage any task related with the assembling and installation of electronically controlled systems and measuring devices along with hydraulic pumps and controlling units.  

In a frame of mentioned our activities, we offer our customers spare parts directly from Germany.At the same time we offer vehicle delivering services from Germany based on orders of our local customers.

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